Day 29: Detours

When the work gets hard, detours are a writer’s best friend.

They allow you to regroup, to withstand, and to rest even!

This is why it is important to stretch your talent—figure out what all you can do with this gift.

Poets are novelists too.

Spoken work artists can write comic books.

Essayists can do short stories.

Detours can be lifesavers.


Critics, Critiques & Commentary: Part 3

Commentary is what writers do best. We always have something to say!

If you see a quiet writer, that means they are debating what to say…or if it would matter if they say something.

Yet, this is what writers do.

Writing is commentary.

Writing is analysis.

Writing is…needed.

Make no mistake: your words are needed and necessary. Your life is comprised of more than your work, yet is powered by your existence and thought!

Weigh in when you must.

Pull back when needed.

Rest when warranted.

Even doubt every now and then.

But give up? No.

Keep going.