January 2023: READY

Last week, I spoke about how freewriting can be a lifesaver–and a tool!

I also said how freewriting will not (not ever) spoil! Now, what do I mean by spoiling?

Writing doesn’t spoil–it ages. Sometimes, depending on the topic and the time frame, it may age badly. But that doesn’t mean it spoils! The glorious thing about writing is it is resistant to spoiling! Just because you write something doesn’t mean you need to write it down immediately. It doesn’t mean that you won’t write it immediately.

The best thing to do is to write it down–don’t try to make it all make sense! The sensible thing is to get it down–being cognizant of what it is you want to write and get back to, or consistently add to.

The scariest part is the beginning, yes.

The frightening part is not having what you need when you need it–you inevitably will.

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